Wednesday, October 16, 2013

And it was film festival time again.

It started with getting the shop organized. I really want to design another whitewater boat, like a canoe or kayak. So i was clearing stuff out and getting set up for that project when the NPFF folks called once again. New t-shirts and sticker designs. So i grabbed my sketch book and started putting pen to paper.

Meanwhile the fall here is being quite spectacular. If you look closely at the left horizon you can see a huge container ship!

 I got the IRH out of the shop so i can have some breathing room this fall and winter, she is super small but still takes up a lot of room.

As all this moving was going on i started to narrow down the sticker design. Attempt seven or eight got me here.

Close enough to start on the final design. Still needs a lot of work but i like it so far, i hope the organizers do to.

With the shop cleaned up i'm excited to see what fun things i can come up with this winter.
Stay tuned!

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