Saturday, December 28, 2013


I have been terrible at keeping up with this blog, sorry. I would say i'll do better but until i get going on another boat or big project i think the posts will be more like this one. Filling in for a few weeks lapse. Ill start with something i noticed on the way to work. It was a beautiful sunrise as i pedaled my way to the store until i noticed...
A large navy ship headed to their docks on Indian Island. We usually get supply ships in there but not ships bristling with guns, so that was fairly interesting.

Here is an update on Ben's class'es Lite Board and Batten McKenzie River Boat.

Garboards on and looking really really good. I cant wait to see it at the McKenzie river festival.

At the Community Boat Project the crew and i have been making progress on Epic. Despite the dark and damp she has been coming along very nicely.

Its going to be sweet to see her on the water. 

I also have been working on some things around the house. I started to practice some joinery which i haven't done in a while. Before i had any idea what i was making a book shelf started taking shape.

Furniture is fun to make when you start with absolutely no plan what so ever. This is nice because if it doesn't work out the way you want it to its tough to be disappointed. On the other hand if it works out OK, all the better.
My biggest decision on this little project was what to do with the front legs. Soon i realized that the joinery was so tight that the top shelf didn't need legs it could just cantilever off the back frame.
In the end i only had to cut one little leg. Nice eh? 

I also built some Lazy Susan's. Purple Heart and Paduke. I started by laying up the pieces. Then i  cut them out and finished them off. Interesting note, no sandpaper was used in the build. Cabinet scrapers and sharp tools.

Now that we have passed the longest night of the year i'm hoping that the sun will come out and help to burn off some of this dang fog.

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