Monday, February 3, 2014

The Light McKenzie River Boat Lives!

In his book Drift Boats and River Dories Roger Fletcher takes down the lines for the iconic light McKenzie River Boat (chapter 14). 

As I understand it my friend Ben Kahn wanted a river boat after his epic Grand Canyon trip with the Powell boats (Google Operation Grand Canyon). Anyhow, When he got back to reality we had several small conversations. He is a traditional boat builder, no glue, no glass, no plywood. This caused a bit of a problem for him. All modern Drift Boats that i am aware of involve some type of modern material, all except for the McKenzie. 

It was originally started to be his own boat, it turned out so well that he's going to sell her. I 've got to say if you can have perfection in a boat this is it. She is as true Rogers drawings as you can get. Enjoy the pictures. If you have questions comment at the bottom and ill get back to you.

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