Monday, November 17, 2014

Shop Notes

The goings on in the shop.

Well i haven't gotten started any boats yet unless you count the new design i'm working on. (more on that in a later post) 

I was able to acquire an antique barrel from the barn of a friend of mine. The barrel itself was really degraded and had some strange features. For one the staves (body of the barrel) are cvg doug fir. Its my experience that most of these things were oak. One of the ends matched and was Doug Fir, the other is oak with one piece being yellow cedar, strange.

The Doug fir end has City of RL written on one side (see above). I have left it although it will on the underside of the finished table. The other end was pegged together with reeds in between the pieces. (see below)

I decided that the two ends will make beautiful tables. What follows are some snaps of the current state of their construction. 

 As for the Barrel Staves they are being turned into center pieces/serving trays. Once cleaned up they are gorgeous!

Over the summer i collected lots of flotsam from my various river trips. The two bits below ended up being out together for this sculpture. 

The tables as well as the trays, sculpture, and several paintings will be available on my Etsy store in the coming weeks. If any of you want in sooner just zip ma a note and well chat.

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  1. Hey! I love those barrel stave serving platters. It's too bad used bourbon barrels are so expensive, they'd make excellent artistic pieces by you.