Tuesday, May 12, 2015

You can still ski in May.

We have had some interesting weather here in Montucky. A week of sun and warmish temps led to a weekend of freezing rain and fog.

The advantage of freezing rain and fog in town is that in the mountains it represents spring snow. We really need the water in the snow pack and i can always use the ski days.

I was able to skin past the shack, its still there and is now way up in the tree.

The closer you get to the summit the smaller the trees get. Grizzly Peak and Nichols Peak never break tree line so at the top its wind twisted trees.

The day after the storm i hit the meat elevator again. Broken blue skys and green fields plus heavy spring powder really made the whole thing worth wile.

So i can check May off the twelve months of skiing, hopefully these are not the last of the ski days in May.


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