Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Deeper Into Summer

My world has been moving lately. Friends visiting, soon to be father, week long boat trip, and stolen oars.

At the concrete shop we built this fantastic looking vanity.

At the tail end of the vanity stand project my old friend Alex came out for some Montana time. We went fishing and were able to meet this fella.

Shortly after Alex headed back to the east coast I took off on a week long trip down the Yellowstone. I'm not going to do a huge write up on the trip. I'm just going to let the pics speak for themselves.

Yellowstone R. July 1-5, 2015.
 Around Sheep Mtn.

 Camp one with Stephanie.

 I90 cut above Springdale, with train.

 Camp two. Last island in the Little Timber Creek mouth island chain. Very close to where Clark camped on July 16, 1806, about 209 years ago.

 Camp three.Second island above Four Banger Waves.

 Sunset above the Crazys.

 Camp four. Below Twin Bridges.
Itch-Kep-pe park boat ramp. I tied up the boat and carried my oars up the ramp putting them in the grass along the turnaround. Then I walked down the ramp and snapped this photo (photo) finished loading and cleared the ramp. Getting out of the car I walked around to load the oars. Poof they had vanished in no more than five minuets.

Well there you have it. Its been a bizarre few weeks. Stick around its gonna get bizarreer.

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