Monday, December 31, 2012

La Push

Went for a ride out to Rialto Beach to look at the waves the other day. Aside from getting profiled and subsequently pulled over in La Push (no ticket and funny story, ask in person) we had a great time and were able to do some scouting for easy "drift boat-able" rivers. (see next post)

Rialto Beach was a little rowdy, of course i had to get as close as possible to the action without getting wet. With some serious thought i decided; i suppose i could get a sea kayak into shore it would not be pretty and as for getting out...

As you can see the beach  to the north really wasn't there, high tide was putting the waves right into the LARGE drift wood on shore. The sea stacks to the south and the subsequent cross currents may have been navigable from the ocean into the safety of the Quillayute River  mouth but it would have been real exciting if you got yourself into the breakers. I am looking forward to getting the kayaks into the water here when the seas are a little more forgiving. 

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