Saturday, December 15, 2012

Some school pics

School is going well, we have moved on from making wooden novelties an into making boats. I have had a really hard time deciding what path to take either large Craft or Contemporary. In the end I chose large craft, they are building two replica decked Whitehall row boats. One of them will have a chair strapped to the deck. You can use your power of deduction to figure out what/when/who's boats they could be.
I have continued to work on the I.R.H. The lines plan is doneas well as the offsets. Up until Friday I was trying to find someone to put the design into Rhino (a Cad program for boat design). My reason behind this was simple, if the boat is in the computer patterns can simply be printed out, little or no lofting just building.  Well its not going to work out that way so the prototype may not be done until after my spring trip. Sort of a bummer but i am still going to try. I just need to find a place to loft and build it.
So here are some pictures of school stuff. The below picture is for my dad, he was asking how to make boat sauce. So here it is, Just remember its for paintin' not drinkin'!

So here is the view from my desk. There is the makings of a half model on as well as some miscellaneous stuff.

 This is the how to for lofting out a rabbit. For the uninitiated the rabbit is where the planking (sides) are let into (notched) the stem (front) of a boat.

 Here are plans for the oars that will go with the little skiff we are building. I made one of em'. Like most things in life its all about the layout.

 I must say the one i built looks good, Sam is still finishing his up,tough part is going to be making them exactly the same. I think i should make a set of these for the I.R.H. when i finally get her built.


On to the skiff. Not a lot to say about the construction. She is a basic skiff as skiffs go but its been fun to do thus far.


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