Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Bling it on!

Everyone paying attention, good here we go.

Because the assembly containing the holes for the oar pad and the oar lock is so small there can be no slop between the joints. I don't have the equipment to mill the holes to perfection so decided that an epoxy mix was the best way to handle it.

The first step was to use the worlds smallest shooting board to fair off the oar blocks.

Then get all the parts and pieces in order.

(The small hole in front of the mounting hole is an injection port for the epoxy mix.)

The hole you can see below, is the purge. Squeeze out can exit here.

 The first step was to cote the mating surfaces with un-thickened.

Then using a mix of bonding additives as well as graphite the first step was to coat the top edge and bottom of the oar pad hole.

Then drop the pad in place and force the mix into the injection hole.

Once it has all purged i screwed the pad down and slid the waxed oar lock into the hole.

 Tomorrow ill twist out the waxed locks and there should be a perfect socket left.

And that's hoe you install bling.

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