Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Drift boat Bilge Pump.

 OK so here is a very brief explanation of the bilge pump on the IRH.

As you can see in the above picture there is a gap underneath the front of the seat. This gap allows water from the rowers foot well to enter into the pump area under the seat.

Above you can see the switch mounted to the right of the seat, also note the hole in the back corner of the seat, this is for draining the seat area.

The pump itself is screwed and glued to the floor under the seat. All those pipe clamps are there to help the hose keep its shape.

 This is a picture of the hose through hull and the underside of the switch.

The battery box is a plastic ammo can. the white fitting is a outlet so that the battery can be charged without removing it from the boat. This whole assembly is in the forward compartment. Its anchored to the hull with industrial strength Velcro.

Inside the box you can see the battery and wiring for the system. The round object above the box is the washer and nut for the bow eye.

So that was brief, if you want more info just ask.

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