Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Wooden Boat Festival!

Here is how my festival weekend kicked off. Stormy weather (real thunder and lightning) and pouring rain. Chris was Really excited to help with the heavy lifting. Without his help getting the boat to and from the festival would have really been a problem.

So here is the set up. The IRH nestled between DragonHeart on the left and a lap strake Whitehall on the right. In the picture below there is also a Decked McKenzie boat  see if you can spot it?

After setting up it was a eyeopening whirlwind look at all the boats.
Below is Spike Africa, Chris will be working with/on her for a while..... That's why he was all smiles.

Loved this.

I was fascinated with some old rowing boats there not called shells there called...??? Ah i can't remember.

No matter the Dacron decks looked amazing!

What do you find deep in a tugboat from the 1890's? Just look at the excitement in their faces!

This four cylinder engine was amazing! Check out the oil cans for lubing the cylinders.

Then it was talk talk talk talk. Everyone was interested in the strange boat that looked suspiciously like a clog.

The picture below has one of the most amazing boat builders i have met thus far in it. Although Jay Smith may not be interested in my work his boats are fantastic.

Last but not least the display card from the event.

Now its finish up with the Boat School, make oars, test boat.

I'll keep everyone posted.

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  1. Thanks so much for posting these Stuber! Looks like a lot of fun! Rain here in the southwest desert makes us think of the Pacific Northwest.