Tuesday, March 25, 2014

The Emerald Mile, book review.

Hey all,
I read a lot of books about rivers, river running, river history, well river everything. So i have decided to start putting book reviews into the blog. There are a bunch of books that i want to try and get back to, i have a huge backlog of great books that every river rat should be familiar with. Because Lea and i are getting ready for another move the work in the shopreage is slowing down as we pack up. I am however reading more and more during this time so ill try to belt out a dozen or so reviews to keep some content going. (Not to mention to keep me involved in something non stressful.)

Lets start out with The Emerald Mile a book by Kevin Fedarko.  This book stands out among river narratives for its twin story lines and historic significance. Any Grand Canyon aficionado will know instantly about the Emerald Mile and the historic speed record she and her crew set in 1983. What many including me where only mildly aware of was the drama unfolding at the dam upstream that opened the door for such a run.
Fedarko takes these two threads splashes them with just enough back story and allows voices and memories of the past to combine in one fantastic book. Unlike the vast majority of river lore out there The Emerald Mile is a book anyone with a literary eye for adventure will love, Enjoy!

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