Thursday, April 10, 2014

The Cane

A week or so ago i had a family member ask me to make them a cane. They are a fan of steam bent canes but as i lack the equipment to manufacture a steam bent head i decided to laminate a cane head instead.

I started by drawing and cutting the head out of maple. I then laid out the joint to attach it to the cane body.

After some hand work i had the two fitted together nicely.

Next came turning the square shaft of the cane body to round. I used a spar gauge and spoke shave. Its not to bad except for layout once you've already started faceting the shaft.

After sixteen sides i switched to sand paper and smoothed the head of the cane into the now rounded cane body.

Once smooth and happy i began to shape the tip to accept the brass tip piece.

After the tip was fitted glue was applied to it as well as all the little places that needed filling.

Once this is all cured ill get some more pics up of final smoothing and varnish.

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