Monday, April 28, 2014

Guide Training 2

The second set of guide training days started off with Jordan and Brogan together in a stern rig. This was Jordan's first run on his own. After I got Brogan into my boat for instruction we put about 150 lbs of rocks up front in Jordan's boat to trim it out. Soon enough he will have paying customers for that!

The Sol Duc always serves up the scenery, its really a spectacular place.

It wasn't all float for Jordan, there are some places that require attention. Its really fun to see someones river reading skills develop. He styled all of the drops even if i didn't get hardly any of them on film.

Just around this corner at what i call The Gates we were greeted by a Bald Eagle watching us pass by. If i was a real photographer with some fancy camera i'm sure this would be a post card but as it so often is now just another fantastic memory of the river.

By mid afternoon we were taking out and heading for the Elwa.

The Elwa was a whole different beast than the Sol Duc. I am sorry to say that i don't have any pictures of the trip down due mainly to the fact that i was the sole oarsman in a boat of four on a rain swollen logjam fest that is the Elwa without the dams. Even with all the havoc we created by building the dams and then removing them it is still a magic place you must see to believe.
I also found this rock, if you have any idea what it is i would love to know.


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