Wednesday, July 9, 2014

What to do over the 4th?

I had the chance over the holiday to head for the Yellowstone for a few day float from Sheep Mountain to Columbus.
The trip is a little mind blowing for several reasons. The thing that really astounds me, you get to see the scenery along this stretch twice. First is at the speed of car and second at the speed of water. The difference is amazing.
From the house the drive west to Big Timber throws so much of the big sky at you it seams you are high above looking out over some exotic movie set.
 With a stop at Iron Star Pizza (or anywhere really) Florence draws river people out of the woodwork.
There she is ready to float away.
Sheep Mountain in the background.
Nelly being nervous on the bow.
The Big Sky.

As the day slips into night, with I90 to far away to hear or see, its easy to imagine this place as far off and un-touched.

The morning brought Olive, ready to get on with it.

Mixed wildlife, pelicans and Studebakers.

We stopped to hide from some impending thunderstorms.
A little Busch NA kept the storms at bay, but olive still wasn't having any of it,
she hid under the tarp the whole time.
After the storm passed and with camp set up done i took a nap.
Then i went out to explore the island. Deer, Night Hawks, Pelicans, Great Horned Owls, Great Blue Herons, Sand Pipers, Swallows, Mosquitos, and all manner of other critters are thriving on these amazing riparian oasis.

The last morning brought out the sun and Florence was ready to go again.

One last stop on the water to let a little wind storm blow by.
After the take out we high tailed it to the Griz for steaks.

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