Saturday, August 2, 2014


The summer here in Montana requires that you get the hell out of town and hit the rivers. A couple Saturdays ago i had the chance to do just that with some fine folks and the IRH.

Driving to the put in on any river in the Big Sky state is a fantastic feeling. Hot dry air mixed with sage and sweet grass linger long and powerful enough to resonate right to your core, it is fantastic!

After sliding the boat down to the water she looked a little out of place along her rubber friends but no matter, were all here to enjoy the water and sunshine.

The Stillwater river runs through a beautiful agricultural valley.
In many of the eddys cows can be seen enjoying the cool water as much or more than the boat people hiding in the shade.

Its big sky country and its impossible to forget it.

As always the IRH looks good on the water. It was sad to be done for the day but not to worry the drive home is beautiful,
and sunsets spectacular!

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