Friday, August 8, 2014

Travelin' on.

There hasn't been a lot of boat building going on in my orbit lately. Its not that i haven't been thinking about it (its never far from my mind) just that there's been a whole fun-house worth of other things keeping me from getting back into the shop (one being the lack of a shop or even garage). So i have been building houses and filling my time with other distractions like this one here.

This Dagger Crossfire was built in 1992 twenty two years ago back when i was first stepping into the sport of river running. So when this brand new, never been paddled, not a frekin' scratch on it beauty appeared in town i simply had to have it.

But before i could put it on the water i discovered that i had become an uncle so it was off to the great upper Midwest for a visit and some shenanigans. So with one last cup of coffee from my beloved Cafe Regis and it was off to the airport!

Flying out,

I am always childishly excited about flying. Thinking about it we haven't been flying for that long at all. 1903 was the first powered human flight. 111 years ago is not that long, and now i am zipping along at 40,000ft sipping coffee.

Anyhow here are some fun photos i snapped along the way.

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