Thursday, April 2, 2015

Light Art.

I don't remember where this idea came from.  Some evening alone this fall made me decide that i wanted to incorporate lighting into my art. So i thought about it, puttered on the web, then a week or so ago i began playing with LEDs.

After some basics i was able to put together the guts for micro stage lighting.
(i have attempted to rotate above image several times, it refuses. i don't speak computer, it stays wrong. In your mind please rotate 90deg counter clockwise.)

Digging back into last falls sketches i picked one that was simple to cut out, colorful, and something i could see in several layers.

After some fiddling i ended up with the image cut out, borders penned in, design penciled, and LED wired. I initially wanted to light the image with a spot style directly onto the leaf in the lower center. Next i tried using a ping pong ball as a defuser.

This produced a great background light. White tests done i went for the simple crayon color option.

Here is a background light in color.

Spot in color.

Well that's where i am with this. More to follow...

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