Thursday, June 4, 2015

"Enki" camping and fishing dory

Hi all.
I have been wanting to design a new boat ever since finishing the IRH. I've given it a couple of goes but nothing i really liked came out of it. Finally after several attempts and a lot of coffee i found a shape i like.
So let me introduce Enki.
Enki is 16'6" stem to transom, 7'6" between oarlocks, and 4'6" chine to chine. Wider and higher sided than many river dorys to accommodate the heaver loads associated with family camping and extended trips. When lightly loaded the boat should ride high enough in the water to cruse over gravel shoals and other shallows, in fact with the nice big flat spot in the hull she should ride fairly high when loaded.

I have no idea when this build will get going but when it does you can be sure it'ill be here.

If you have any thoughts on the design feel free to leave them in the comments below.

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