Monday, June 8, 2015

High Muddy Water

I'm sitting in northern Wisconsin writing this post about the last two floats on the Yellowstone. It all seems really far away compared to the quiet lake outside but it wasn't more than a week ago. The first trip was sunny and clear.
Brian, Heather, Lea, Nelly, and I did a stretch at fairly high water.
The birds were out in force, I always love seeing Pelicans on the water and Brian got a fantastic photo as we scared some out of a eddy.
Nelly had a good time checking out some of the camping spots we use through the summer. As usual the spring runoff is changing many of the beaches and gravel bars, hopefully for the better.

Heather paddled a ducky the whole trip (see the video at the end of the post) but she and came aboard for a bit of lunch.
Sunset on the drive home was mind blowing.

Two days later and I was back at it with my friend Mike and his son Eric. We went a little further up stream and the water was still on the way up. This trip saw the beginning of some serious wood movement on the river.
As we headed out a huge storm formed up right over head then got out in front of us.
It was great fun to follow it all day.
The storm and the huge cottonwoods floating with us kept the whole trip interesting.

So the spring high water trips are here, I hope they are still around when I get home.

Till next time,

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