Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Yellowstone Season Starter

With the wether has come boating season. Were not done with the snow yet but the rivers have come up a little and the birds returned so it's was high time to hit the water.

I always love put in drives.  Juniper and the Crazy Woman Mountains.

Another year on the Yellowstone and I can't wait.

The usual runaround setting shuttle, rigging boats, and setting up camp.

There was a little time to stretch the arms before sunset.

Unlike any of my past adventures this one was my daughters first. She had a great time, especially the part where she got to sleep with Mom and Dad in a tent. Hey at least someone slept.

Along with Lea and Elsie our friends Jaclyn and Johnathan came along for the fun, add in the three dogs Nellie, Corky, and Ullr and we had quite the crew.

Nellie, always ready to take a nap got right down to business.

Jonathan put the IRH through her paces. There are some great waves on the Yellowstone.

When not surfing the front deck also makes a great place to lie down.

By far my biggest worry about Elsie was keeping her from getting any sun. I was worried about this until the dawn of the second day.

I woke up in the middle of the night. I thought the campfire had gotten out of control. Upon inspection the river had come up and the boats needed some tending but the campfire was out. Dawn the next day told the story of the smoky smell. The Canadian Fort McMurray fire 980miles north provided the smoke screen.

With the smoke and cloud cover the sunburn concern vanished and the lounging continued.

Uller and Corky had it made on Jacqueline's cat couch.

After a longish day we pulled into a island that I have yet to camp on. Not only was it grassy with great access it was also full of morels, bonus.

Even though I make a great rock hound I was the only one who couldn't seem to find any morels, glad they shared.

Islands on the Yellowstone particularly in the evening are some of the most magical places I know of. Even though civilization is never far off it is easy to imagine what this place was like 100, 200, 500, 1000 years ago.
 With the night also comes the campfire.

It was a fantastic trip, Elsie got her first river miles and the rest of us had another great adventure.
Back home, boats put away and a good nights sleep reveals another spring snow. Montana wether is not boring.

I am headed to the Upper Colorado in about a week. I will be sure to put up a post shortly after getting home. By that time I should also have some boat shop and Enki related news.

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