Saturday, June 8, 2013

What up in the Pac Nor West?

The Powell boat project this past week became an exercise in watching paint dry. So after cleaning the shop re-applying paint and cleaning some more we decided to hell with it lets go sailing.

All fun aside this boat was built in 1982 by the school. Now it is owned by two of the instructors, one of them being Ben, score!

Look closer at the above photo you can see Mount Rainier right behind the bridge.

Don't let the grin fool you gaff rigged boats are fairly slow compared to modern rigs. The gaff does make it look amazing though.

With all the fun i'm also getting ready to move, packing up the office and feeling fairly grumpy about it. Well it has to be done.

Meanwhile in the garage the IRH was hard at work getting a seat installed.

 The seat is tilted forward so water will run into the cockpit. There are also drain holes in the corners aft. All this drainage will help the builge pump installed underneath get the water out of the cockpit.

Finally the Powell boats are looking Sweet! We will be launching them at 6pm this Thursday the 13th at the Boat School. If your lucky enough to be around Lees Ferry (Grand Canyon put in) on August 1st you should be able to get a look as they slip under the bridge and into the canyon.

I'll keep you all posted as these things develop.

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  1. WOW! Congrats on the launch of these boats! Let’s see… Powell lined Badger and portaged Soap. Sheerwall, House and North Canyon Rapids were all lined. It looks like they probably lined Lava Chuar, Unkar and 75 Mile, and certainly lined the upper part of Hance. And they had no motor support, nor film crew… so much has changed in the last 144 years… Will you be at Lee's Ferry for the launch? Thanks for doing this GREAT Blog!!