Thursday, June 27, 2013

More on this and that.

As i stated in the last post i was going to build some boat stands. These are mostly to be for display, but with the boat right side up in them its stable enough to work on the interior.

I built them from a design that i found at school. the only thing i changed was the addition of the NRS Straps so that the length of the slings are adjustable.

 They look great, i cant wait to finish this project off, put the boat in them and drink a beer.

While the stands were going together i was dreading the inevitable, sanding and fairing the hull for the fiberglass cloth that will finish it off. This is where the design starts to pay off. In order to make the hull shape really stable on its side the angle of the chines were designed to allow the boat to stay stable even when nearly upset.

Even on its first chine she sits quite hapily.

I finally got the cover set for the bilge pump and system compartment. You can see the drain holes in the back corners of the seat as well as the slit at the bottom to allow water to flow into the pump to be removed from the foot well.

All this sanding leads to the inevitable application of low density faring compound. Another couple of sand and fair cycles and i should be ready to sheath the hull.
I need to start to think of the pattern of cloth i want to lay down. How many layers, how much tape, and where to apply. I guess i'll think about that tomorrow while i sand some more.


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