Sunday, July 7, 2013

IRH Bottoms Up!

This post is a little late so i apologize, hey it was the Fourth O' July sorry i headed to the river... More on that in the next post.

About a week ago i got the epoxy work done on the bottom of the IRH. The first step was filling in all the little dings and nicks on the hull and then a whole bunch of sanding. Sanding is possibly my least favorite part of the process, but its got to be done.

With the hull sanded and prepped i trimmed a piece of cloth to fit (6oz) brushed it smooth and got down to business.

I was feeling experimental so i wetted out the hull before i put the cloth down. This is a technique that i have used over smaller areas but didn't work as well for the whole bottom. It did however make saturating the cloth a whole lot easier.

Roll on the resin and keep working it in with the traditional foamie roller.

Of course there will always be the errant bug getting into the mix, i try and pick them out but at some point...

You will notice in the above photo that the cloth has a really irregular edge,

You can trim the cloth but the trick is to wait until the cure has set long enough to allow you to easily cut and peal the unwanted excess off before it becomes to solid to work but after its to liquid.

Finally a fill coat to even out the weave in the cloth.

TaDa! You can see the nice shine from the fill coat as well as the low density fairing compound i put over the edge of the cloth. This is an experiment to help hide that edge, well see how it looks when i get it all cleaned up.

Next post will defiantly be about the Hoh river trip until then...

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