Thursday, July 11, 2013

A little repair, a little rebuild, a lot of photos.

Ok everyone here is what's going on in the shop.

First up the "Nomrah". She is a Poulsbo boat, a boat named for the city of Poulsbo Wa. A very strange fish to be sure. She looks like someone took a inboard launch stern and a fish boat bow and crammed them together. 

This particular boat is in rough shape, lots of rot, iron sickness, and just general oldness. Worst off it looks like she sat on a trailer for a while with fresh water pooling along her keel.

This pooling fresh water rotted out the frames along the keel so they'll half to go.

For removing frames the Fein tool is the best thing ever. If you work on boats, think about adding this to your quiver.

Next we have the Cat Boat. She has already had many of her frames replaced. There are dutchmen going into the keel both for and aft of the centerboard trunk. The trunk has also been removed due to rot. Jeremy and i have been building the new trunk. 

There is the trunk going for a dry fit, we don't really know exactly what the original looked like, it was destroyed last year when it was removed. So we have designed this one based on the pieces we do have of the original and the centerboard itself.

Mean while in the port this gem appeared to be looked over. I have been told that she was once owned by a famous author (i'll look into that) and was sitting at a dock waiting to be chopped up for hotel decorations when she sank.

I was shocked to discover that she was only on the bottom for a few weeks to a month... Have a look.

Finally the IRH has been fared and readied for the fiberglass on her sides.

Whew, till next time!

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