Sunday, July 21, 2013

Better Life Through Chemistry.

Life for the general boat world changed with the advent of resin glue. Epoxy in particular really changed things. Mix it with woven fiberglass cloth and various other additives you can make amazing things happen.

I just like the way the cloth looks before you wet it out... Then when i start wetting it out and  i think wow i really like the way it looks wet!

Once the cloth is down its fill coat time. Now it may be because i did the fill coat between the hours of midnight and two AM or it could be because i did the fill coat between 12 and 2 AM bit i forgot to add fairing compound (the coat needs to be applied before the under coat has time to kick off, hence the early hour).

If this was your boat i would take the time to repeat the step, but like the mechanic with the dented car, for this prototype i'm not going back.

Even without the fairing compound it still looks good.

Now the final hull coating, graphite powder mixed into the resin to create a hard candy shell.

You can see a little of the rippling in the outer shell. If the fairing compound had been added there would be black glass here, instead its just real shinny.

I'm really glad to be done with this stage of the build, mistake or not i can't wait to flip her back over again and begin finishing out the hull.

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