Thursday, July 18, 2013

Oh Air Show.

My love of airplanes is equal to my love of boats. This is a bold statement, but hey airplanes are amazing. I am willing to bet that most Americans have no idea how an airplane fly's. Growing up around aviation things like Bernoulli's principle, stol, vtol, stall speed etc were daily discussions. Ok, not "daily" but a lot...

So the Arlington Fly-in came around again, who was i to resist? I apologize about the depth of the coverage, there were unique airplanes everywhere  including a replica of a Stinson Model 0, none of the originals exist. (The only representative of this air frame will be heading to the Museum of Flight. Oh!, i also didn't photograph, sorry.)

So here it is a lot of photographs and a little narration.

First up a Falco. I think this airplane was here last year... Wooden airplane, wooden,  you wouldn't know it to look at it.

Here we have a Zenith Air STOL Ch 750 really good STOL characteristics, no real useful load.

Super Cub!!! Classic STOL

Just Aircraft's Highlander Super STOL is here!!!! The latest incarnation of scare the crap out of yourself (and the hawk you just missed) low and slow flyers.

Ridiculous Storch landing gear aside the leading edge slats and Alaskan bush tires really round off this sweet heart.

Short stroll down the tarmac and this Leviathan appears. A P-47D Thunder bolt, huge, eh? A thought, how much ground clearance do you think she has when the tail comes up for takeoff? I bet its only a skinny foot, sketchy.

With so many places to accessorize she needed some muscle to haul it all around.

Next door a P-51 Mustang. Bomber escort and general goo getter. Helped to end the air war over Europe, look it up people!

Just a military Moose, nothing to see here.

Oh, Bird Dog, Bird Dog!

What's better than one Star Duster??

Two, Star Dusters!

Ok i know what your thinking, Lockheed Electra and Amelia Earhart, i was surprised to find out no, its a Lockheed Model 12 good looker though!

Next is this little odd ball a Aeronca C-2N. I think it was the first plane they produced. 1930 strong work.

This simple looking cockpit it the nerve center for one of the three Newport 17 (in reality its a experimental aircraft whose kits and plans come from Airdrome Aeroplanes. ) I still cant believe people went to war in these.

Boeing Aircraft's Stearman is next, highly modified for aerobatics, of course.

On the instrument panel in the back seat (where the pilot sits) the routine, and ...
 ...the front seat has Snoopy.

Finally the Night Twister, mmmmmmmmmm, Night Twister.

Then it was rush, rush, rush over to the hanger to watch the fun.

My camera does not take great airshow pics so here is a tolerable one. A low pass by the P-51 and the P-47, you don't see that everyday.

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