Saturday, July 27, 2013

You say good bye...

Big week of goings on in the shops at the school. Sliver left us for the final stage of the build. She is so big and has been at the school for a few years so there is defiantly going to be a strange void left as she departs.

 Seeing her on a truck really brings home how big of a project she was.

In smaller news the Powell Boats left for Flagstaff. It started with a beautiful row through the fog to get the boats from the marina to the school for shipment.

The boats were stored in the water to keep the wood wet, this prevents any shrinking of the wood. It did give all the wee sea creatures a place to live, its amazing how much growth occurred in a short month since they were launched.

 Once the goo was scraped off it was onto a truck and off to the river. The departure of the boats was highlighted again for me as i put in for another canyon trip and was once again denied. At least i can take solace in the fact that something i helped create will get to run the canyon this year...

The IRH has her gunwales curing as i write this. I'll get a post together about that soon.

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