Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Console Table

Everyone needs a shop monkey, everyone.

A while back i posted a drawing of a console table. It was a weird little idea that i had brewing involving lights, art, and some other extras. In the end i think the table top and a simple base is going to be enough. So here is the first part of the build.

I started with cedar fence post stock, imagine a shitty cedar 4x4. I bucked this up into chunks around an inch thick. You can see them stacked on the work bench in the above photo.

Next i drilled holes in the center of all the blocks and put in screws. Then started the extremely time consuming job of preparing and gluing the whole table top together.

So after about two hours of fussing plus a little bit of swearing and the above mess was the result. Looks terrible but under the heaps of fairing compound lives a beautiful table top, it just a little messy to get to it.

With my trusty bent sander a respirator and some time the table top really began to come through. Seriously beautiful, just check out the pic below...

With the dusty job of sanding done the edging came next. Bend and glue.

Here is where i left it.
Till next time...

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