Thursday, February 26, 2015

Top of the mountain: Now with Varnish!

Its still snowing here in out little corner of Montana. The skiing has been fantastic and the more snow that falls improves the outlook for our spring boating season. 

I've been skinning up the mountain a lot lately. One of the things that i don't think i have ever done is go to the top of Grizzly Peak. This is weird since i used to work there. One recent evening  I got to the top.

The views, even late in the evening are spectacular. The way one knows he or she is at the top is two fold. One you cant go up anymore and two there is a weather station at the summit.

Always fun to see Red Lodge from above.

In the shop the console table top is getting coats of varnish. I'm not sure i have ever built anything so unique and beautiful.

I have no idea what type of legs i am going to put on this anymore... My original plan is sort of up in the air.

In other work i am putting together a small wood grate for McGregor Designs. This little grate is going to fit into a recess within a concrete sink for a bathroom.

It may be small but it ain't simple. I'll let you know how it turns out.

Meanwhile outside the snow continues.


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