Friday, February 6, 2015

A Mid Century Couch.

Here is a new project i've been collaborating on. Heather over at the Upholstery Shop has been pulling me in to help fix and examine furniture. When you sit around looking at naked furniture its hard not to want to give building some a go.

After some discussion (i also really need a new couch) it was decided a mid century style couch will be perfect for my house and a great project for Heather and i to collaborate on. Throughout this post you will notice that there are two identical couches being built, one is for me and one could be yours.

I started off by drawing out and cutting the stretchers there are very boaty, its almost sad to cover them up.

The seat frame came next some really simple joinery and glue.

Stretchers installed into the base.

After getting the base and stretchers in place i moved onto the back.

One thing led to another and the couch backs began to really look like something.

With the plywood on the couch the majority of the body was done.

Well here they are two mid century couches ready for upholstery and legs. I've already started on the legs for my couch, there is a pic of the dovetail joinery on my Facebook page.
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