Saturday, January 31, 2015

Coffee Table Done.

**The links in this post go to older posts dealing with the tables various parts.**

Some projects seem to go on forever. This coffee table is one of them. It all started with me making a table top out of some antique tongue and grove paneling. After that i let the table top sit around the shop for a bit.

Later I was given an old pine beam from one of the historic businesses in down town Red Lodge. I turned this  beam into the tables skirt. The wood is so dry and stable with amazing grain patterns and tight knots. I'm going to be sad when its all gone.

Finally to match the table top rim i made the legs out of kiln dried oak. Not the most fun to work with but really durable. 

So here are some pics of the finished table. If you want it its $1500 of varnished beauty.

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