Friday, January 30, 2015

Knight Stick

I have been doing a whole lot of night skiing lately. I grew up skiing under the lights and i love getting out in the dark. 
When the sun goes down on the trails there is a whole group of people that come out to play in the dark. Needless to sat the views are amazing. Imagine the above pic except with the big city of Billings lit up on the horizon.

One of the issues in the dark is out skiing the head lamp. If you get going with any speed a head lamp just cant push out the light far enough. Another problem is line of sight of a headlamp does not illuminate very far down or over blind rolls.

Enter the Knight stick. Its a 3ft ish Alaskan Yellow Cedar wand with a 350 lumin mountain bike light mounted on the top.

I ordered a hot pink bmx grip to bottom off the set up but as you can see it has yet to arrive.

So far i have had it out four nights, gotten into the trees, bumps, and general crud. It makes a huge difference. So like any problem a little creativity + time and the solution will present itself.

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