Friday, January 9, 2015

What am i going to do with a gun rack?

Howdy all!
Its been chilly here in southern Montana. Trying to get varnish to dry is a real pain in the neck not to mention trying to get epoxy to kick. If its cold give yourself twice the recommended time for glue and finishes to harden up. Additionally having a stove helps.

I have had a Mosin-Nagant rifle for years and always wanted a way to display it. Now i'm not a gun nut, i do however appreciate the history and workmanship that goes into hardware like this. In other words if you want to debate gun rights lets do it elsewhere...

So back to the rack. After some thought i decided that i would like to display it vertically, everyone makes a horizontal rack so lets be different.

After some measuring cutting i came up with this arrangement.

I think it looks really good. I put a single hanger on the rack but a person could just as easily screw the affair to a stud. If you want one get a hold of me.

 Another little project. After building a table top (see this link) i milled up a antique beam i had lying around for the skirt/apron.  

Worm drive, handsaw, and thickness planer and i had enough stock to get going.

Just to be sure that keep thoroughly busy i built and upholstered another Back Seat Love Seat.

If your interested in one of these get a hold of me. They will eventually appear on Etsy but for the meanwhile an e-mail is the best way.

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