Friday, January 2, 2015

All the trappings of the season.

"We still hang back country bloggers in Montana." That's what the sticker says on the garbage can outside the bar down town. As a blogger who occasionally gets into the back country it pisses me off, so here is a little nugget including some back country blogging. 

Here in Red Lodge we had a Christmas miracle, not the churchy kind, but the all mighty powder kind. Something in the realm of 24" (61cm for all you normal people out there) fell Christmas eve and day. 

Because so many folks had obligations, those that chose to bail  were well rewarded.

It was a true powder day, i visited the white room where i spat plugs and avoided dark things whizzing by at high speeds. Everywhere there was hooting hollering and general power induced bliss.

Even on the last run of the day (above) i found fresh tracks. I love our hidden little jem, Summit Co can stuff it.

Then Came a dilemma, where to go once the in bounds has been skied off? Hang it all, and hit the back country, Silver Run to be exact. Nothing gets the blood flowing like skinning up a mountain for the last vestiges of powder left by a recent storm.

In fact, as i was up and downing another storm was backing its way into the valley. The clouds were strange, the powder was deep and the lines were fresh!

As the above mentioned storm finally settled in and the alarm on my watch said "dude its gonna be dark in thirty minutes," i took one more shot of the mountains beyond and hit the snowy trail.

All in all it was an excellent couple of days. Family and fiends, food and drink, snow and only one injury a damn torn cuticle.

The next thing i knew the storm hit and brought some stay inside kinda temps.

Till next time...

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