Thursday, January 15, 2015

This Week: The dark Specter of Equipment Failure.

Another beautiful week here on the Beartooth Front. 
I was finishing a morning of skiing when a funny loose feeling in my turns made me feel a little sketchy. 

After stopping to inspect the situation this is what i found. Needless to say my morning of skiing did not turn into a afternoon of skiing. So i headed over to the shop to see how bad the situation was.

For a short time K2 Skis made tele skis with mounting inserts built into the ski (like a snowboard). I thought it was a fantastic idea at the time and got a hold of a pair. After removing the binding from the ski i realized that these inserts didn't fail, nor did the binding, just the aluminum mounting plate.

Here is what the plate looked like.

 I am super glad that those two little machine screws up front didn't let go. That would have made for one hell of a mouse trap.
 Anyhow i got a hold of the folks at 22 designs (the binding manufacturer) and ordered new mounting hardware (they haven't made the plates for years). The Templates and screws are sitting on my desk right now, the folks over at 22 designs are on the ball!

Other goings on includes the posting of The Back Seat Love Seat on Etsy! Now you can have one of your very own.

Look at how good they look in the back of the car,

or at the hockey tournament.

Which reminds me about the Pot Lid Holders i also posted on Etsy.

The holder really helps clear up the counter clutter

Finally, after doing a little trim work in Washoe i got around to building the skirt for the table i've been working on.

I cant wait to get legs on. That's all for for now,

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