Monday, January 5, 2015

Etsy, bench, and splitter.

Well i have been trying to teach myself how to use Etsy. Lets just say that while i'm getting there, i'm not quite there. So i have been taking pictures of things i have for sale, getting them right is tough. Anyhow one of the things i've been making are these barrel stave trays, i hope by the time this goes up  they will be on my  Etsy shop page

Yet another project are these pot lid holders. After making one for myself and having it be a big hit over the holidays i decided to mass produce them. These are super handy in the kitchen, in fact i have no idea what i did with the lids before. They also should be up on Etsy after i get them finished.

In other shop news...

I was siting on my dirty bumper in the parking lot of Red Lodge Mountain Resort the other morning when it hit me, "I need a bench to change on!" So the Back Seat Love Seat idea was born. Why do skiers need to sit on dirty bumpers when putting boots on? Why do fishermen/women needlessly suffer when putting on their waders? How come parents struggle to shoe their children in parking lots of so many sporting events. Who says bikers (spandex not leather) put up with dirt in-crusted tail gates  for changing benches? Why am i sitting on my ass instead of doing something about this obviously huge problem? Well i started on the solution. While Brian and Heather (we will get to that project in a second) were doing their thing i began on a folding bench for all your next to vehicle sitting needs.

As you can see its fairly swanky, one side has a sun carved into it,

the other a moon. This is so you can use it in the daylight or at night time. After the body is finished it will be whisked off to Heather's Upholstery shop for some cushioning, stay tuned for this one its going to be sweet!

While the bench was shaping up Heather and Brian were turning this well loved snowboard into a back country pow slaying machine.

To accomplish  this one must first do the unthinkable, cut the board in half. As a skier i found this to be super fun.

Heather first cut through the metal edges, then we set the board on ye olde band saw and got after it.

One long strait cut and the desired effect was achieved, two snowboard skis.

From there on the process gets complicated so B and H got after all the layout and other little bits. 

Then their was some riveting.

Finally boom! A Splitboard is born!

Until next time!

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  1. Awesome! You should show a pic of the lid holder thing in action!