Thursday, May 30, 2013

The oar factory goes on...

 Holy flying crap, the oars and oars and oars and oars........

As i have said before its all about layout. If you don't do it the end product will reflect that.

If you tiptoe around and lines you will never get anything done. A draw knife will hog off material fast. Be careful though you could potentially pull off way to much wood.
 If you take your time and do it right your gonna end up with a huge pile of oars. Yet still i'm making more.


  1. Grate interesting job...!
    How many oars make you per day ? How to make oars & What type instrument need to make it ? Can you type more about it please...

  2. Mickle,
    Please remind me to go further in depth with how to make oars after the weekend. Its the wooden boat festival here so i'll be really busy!
    Thanks fro the interest