Monday, May 27, 2013

The other boat, IRH.

For followers of this blog it may be easy to forget that i don't just work on the Powell boats. In fact they were just a happy accident. I have lately been developing a very small drift boat design called the IRH.

The Weekend out here dawned very wet. Its not really a surprise giving the geographic location of Port Townsend Washington. Look at the photo below 5:30pm on a holiday weekend. No parking spots on main street,  outside only quickly walking people heads bent to the wind.

This amazing weather really gave me the excuse to knuckle down and get some work done on the IRH. I haven't really had the energy to get any work done on her since the McKenzie River trip. I don't have any good reason, lazy?
No matter the game is back on. The first order of the weekend was to fabricate side boards. The way the coaming the side boards rest on allows the panels to lay flat. That made it really easy to fabricate them, i wish the for and aft deck would be that easy.

After the side boards were fitted i needed to build the forward and aft deck supports. The decks are compound curves which means that they are concave athwart-ships and convex for and aft. This gives the finished boat a very complex beautiful look but is a real pain in the ass to produce.

You can see both of them in the above photo. The construction of these supports was a little complex using the deck camber guide i built months ago. Then they were fastened to the boat just like everything else on the build, fillets of thickened epoxy. I really want to avoid mechanical fasteners.

She really is starting to look good. I haven't decided if i am going to finish the interior and then flip and finish the hull. Or i could flip, finish the outside and return to the interior at a later date. I cant do any more today so i think i'll have a beer and not worry about it.

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