Monday, May 20, 2013

The Powell boats go over again!

I have in the past given the folks at harbor freight a real hard time, there tools are crap and don't last. This is a true statement, but also they are super cheap and they are replaced with receipt. Anyhoo this under five dollar ninety degree attachment has saved my ass a million times. 

So it has come time for the boats to be flipped, they got to be corked if there going to float.
 This also is giving Ben a chance to see A) how many people it is going to take to move these boats, and B) how hard is it going to be to flip them on a beach.

Honestly it wasn't that bad. I think  group of four, possibly three with the help of a tackle or rollers couple with little difficulty roll the boats onto the beach flip them and begin fixing.

Thing two was shortly behind thing one and the corking has begun.

I crawled into the the stern hatch of thing one to see how it all looked from the inside.

The problem is that sopping wet green oak is highly unstable (it is going to shrink, a lot). As you can see there are quite big gaps in the planking now. So our solution is to put splines into the seams and cork into the now much smaller gap. Well see how it goes.

The original builders at the boatyard outside of Chicago would have had seasoned oak on hand. So their jobs would have been a bit easier.


  1. Thank you for documenting this inspiring project. I hope I am in the canyon the same time as your trip so I can witness this boat on the water! When do you launch? Happy boating season, Kelly

    1. Unfortunately its not my trip, and my little group of boaters failed to pull a Canyon permit for the coming season, but that's life, keeping my fingers crossed for 2015.

      I hope you are in the canyon to see these boats go through, it ought to be quite the sight. In the meantime give the canyon a big hug for me!