Sunday, January 27, 2013

All the molds but one.

Here is how you make a mold for a boat (these are in fact the molds for the I.R.H.. I finished all but one of them). The one that's left, station 1, dies in the stem so i'm still thinking about how to do that one.
Anyhow... You should have the station lines drawn. to build a mold you need to reduce for the planking and draw it on each side. Mylar really helps with the transfer.
 Once transferred cut the bottom of the mold's angles and nail into place on the loft floor.
 Next use a scrap of wood to estimate how long of a piece you need for the next section of the mold and cut them to length.
Using tri-squares project the bevels that need to be cut onto the stock. Then stack the peaces on the chop saw and cut them out.
Tack them down and repeat. Be sure to have reference lines so that then positioning the molds onto the strong-back everything lines up correctly.
 Ones all the pieces are down nail, screw, or glue gussets onto the joints.

Before you know it you will have cruised through the molds.

As i said before i finished up all but one for the I.R.H.. Next is the strong back, stem, and transom. So many boats so little time....

Stuber out.

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