Monday, January 28, 2013

Molds, aprons, and other

Here is the update for the day. I promise that i will try and get a photo of each team member and give them credit for whats going on ( i just need to ask them first).

 In the mean time here are two fine folks putting together molds. Much like in the last post but with bevels and a lot more complications, good thing i'm not doing it.
Ok i know it looks like a boot out of a Python skit but its really the stern post and the dead wood. The little notch on the left is where the transom will live.
 Here is a shot looking down the starboard side of the stem. The rabbet, back rabbet, and bearding line are all there but there much easier seen n the next shot.
 So the curved line at the top is the bearding line, the middle is the back rabbit, and the bottom is the rabbet. This is where the planking lands. Also in this picture is the joint between the stem, keel, and stem knee. Stop-waters can be seen (there the little round plugs) and they do about what you'd expect... Stop water.
 Here we have an elusive floating tenon. Not related to Alfred Lord, anyhow... this little guy fits into the stem post and the keel giving a little more lateral strength, its a good thing.
 The next are a series of shots putting the apron onto the keel. The rabbit and its friends continue through both of these assemblies. Brace and bit are still the order of the day, hey if it ain't broke don't fix it.

So there you have it.

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