Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Who we are.

Here is a brief photo introduction to the folks building the Powell's 21' replicas.
 First up is Ben the instructor. Sometime he panics but without his drawings and expertise this would never have gotten off the ground.
 This is Gina, lining up and boring a hole into the stem knee.
 Here we have Shawn, aka Juice Box. Boring holes through the keel.
This is Chris, not only is Chris an Alaskan and a hell of a guy but also a prankster although you wouldn't know it from this photo.
 Patrick is rolling bevels for Noah. Working on getting molds done so we can get these boats up on the strong backs.
 Asa, when not building any number of other things usually makes us all look bad with his joinery. 

Last but not least here is Sam, multi-tasking. Coffee and rolling bevels. Sweet.

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