Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Stop, Water!!!

First of all what is a stop water? Well its not a very clever name, they simply stop water from traveling up joints. This afternoon we got the backbones all bolted together so it was an opportune time to install the stop waters in their proper places.

 It all starts with wood, in this case Port Orford Cedar. First i milled it into little square strips on the table saw. Then i eight sided it by clamping one of my planes in the vice on a work bench and planing off the corners. Be careful doing this, its easy to plane off your knuckles.
 Now the pieces are compressed by pounding them through a piece of plate steel. This also rounds them, they come out a little like a pasta noodle.

 Now this noodle is pounded into a hole bored through a joint.
 Finally here is the first of the molds being stood up on the strong back. Hold on to your hats things are really starting to happen!

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