Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Rabbits, not like the fuzzy ones.

Ok folks, were going to kick it off with some definitions.
Rabbit: where the planking ends into structural members of a boat, usually the visible line of a notch.
Back Rabbit: the hidden point in the notch where where the back of the planking ends.
Bearding line: the inner point where the planking ends. 
All of these lines can be created on the lofting floor and although it sounds complicated its not really. In the picture below i am transferring the rabbit, back rabbit, and bearding line onto the stern of one of the boats.
 Using sail pins and a plastic baton i an fairing the lines, being sure to see that the lines are "sweet" (a nice curve without any lumps).
 Once the lines are down its time to chop it out.
 A sharp chisel is required, its  more fun if its shiny.

 I started with little pockets and then connected them. Once you get going its not to bad but starting is a little frighting, and well God hates a coward.

Once done and cleaned up you are left with a nice landing for the planking.

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