Friday, January 25, 2013

The Powell Boats

For the uninitiated the grand canyon was and is something ot the Holy Grail Of American whitewater. The first man to step into the task for the purpose of fame fortune and glory was Major John Wesley Powell a veteran of the civil war. In this expedition he helped to close a chapter on U.S. history. His expedition and his faults of character shed light on one of the most amazing places on planet earth.

So how the hell do i fit into this??? Well its a simple case of right time right place. I have already explained how i came to the Northwest School Of Wooden Boat Building. I was trying to decide which route to take as far as a emphasis is concerned than this dashing disheveled  guy reared his head. A odd coincidence for someone who can't seem to get the canyon out of his life.

As rivers and wooden boats have slowly taken me, i have become a man possessed. Still i have have always thought the Powell expeditions crazy. Taking boats designed for coastal water taxies into a place that's only similarity is general dampness. Without a doubt just the type of insanity i love. Adventure, excitement, glory! (A jedi seeks not these things but than again Jedi were general boring creatures at diner parties.)

So that has brought me here to this huge oak flitch.
This huge slab of oak is sort of the around point in my spiral into rivers. If i really think about whitewater exploration In the United States of America this is it, the beginning.

Holy shit were recreating the first grand canyon boats!

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