Saturday, March 16, 2013

100 Posts!!!

Shoeless Musings has reached 100 posts! The first hundred have been so much fun I cant wait to write the next hundred, i hope you enjoy them as much as i do.

 Here is the progress on the IRH. The stem and transom are now finished, i just need to build the fixtures to attach them to the strong-back.

Ill walk you through the snaps of the process.
Most of this is simply layout and careful wood work, remove material down to the line but leaving the line.

After the bevel is cut, the part is taken back to the loft floor to put the layout lines on. here we have the line marking the bottom,station one, and my reference.

Here's the chine and the sheer lines.

Finally the whole thing.

Then it was onto the transom. Same process but much more layout. 

It's still all about bringing the part down to the line without loosing it. Tedious but quite rewarding when you get something this beautiful. Here you can see the splines holding the three pieces of the transom together. as well as a bunch of the layout lines.

Now with only the bottom bevel left time to finish this project.

She looks fantastic.

 Here is a blurry snap of the two pieces.

Well see what happens tomorrow, but there was great progress today.

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