Tuesday, March 5, 2013

And we plod along.

Ok, ok, lets make up for some lost photo time shall we? 

The last two days have seen some sun, and some rain. So it goes here in the PNW. 

I started off making the first broad (the plank that sits just above the garboard). Ben had me try a different type of spiling, the edge along the garboard is scribbed and fitted while the wild edge is tabbed like all the rest we have done. This allows for unfairness in the edge of the garboard.

As with any other plank the work (and fun) comes in bringing the plank down to the lines describing it. You can be very accurate with a band saw, but you cannot put wood back.

We have a lot of lovely oak, but there are some spots that are knot so lovely. This is how i took care of one of them. Here you can see it before anything was done.

 First i clamped a piece of scrap on top of it.

Next i drilled out the knot making sure that the center of the hole was below the clamp line.

A little magic mixture and...

The plug is now fixed.

Trim and fair.

After i installed the plank i took a quick look for the plug and couldn't find it. so it seams to have worked very well.

Getting a plank on is never as strait forward as you would like. Here we are using hydraulics as a force multiplier to solve our clamping issues.

With the plank in place i climbed up onto the boat so i could get a better look at the seam. Its critical that the fit is perfect. Bless the scribe/spile method. Right fit first time!

If the boat was finished and flipped over here is how it would look. Keel, garboard, and first broad its gonna be sweet.

Knot everything was peaches and cream with this plank however. While milling it to thickness this little beastie appeared.
 I routed out most of the bad wood to create a good bonding surface for a plug that will be installed after the wood has a chance to dry a little more.

Finally here are some nice pictures of shavings and such.

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