Saturday, March 9, 2013

Pushing through the cold.

Its the season to be sick, cold and flu have both gotten me. Luckily the latest (a cold) i can pretend isn't there. Except for the sneezing and nose blowing. I like colds more than the flu, a cold you can tell to f$#@ off, the flu tells you that.

Enough on sickness, lets see where the boats ended up this week. It has been one big spiling party. Planks getting fastened and everyone has a project, these two boats are really hitting their stride.

Here is the bow section of the second broad i installed. In order of apperaence here are the tools of the trade, 1.5inch chisel, spoke shave, low angle block plane, #3.5 bench plane, backing out plane, and a scrub plane. These are all tools used in tuning up (fitting) the plank. Once your at this point in a planks life most of the work has been done. So it is time to steam it into place.

All three of these planks are mine, garboard (top) first broad, and second broad. You can see that we are past the serious twist so the port-a-power was not needed to fit this plank.
 Now that is a fit, no corking bevel but a great fit.
 Lots of clamping as the plank cools and takes the shape, i can see so many applications for stem bending i wish i would have realized what a fantastic tool this is years ago.

 A hundred screws later and the plank is almost there.

 Here is the plank in place, and if you look closely Juce Box is being "cool". Oh i remember when i was "cool".

 So that's the week, tune in next week when i take spiling and scribbing to the next level. This pic is where a shutter plank is to go, no wild edge, its got to fit the first go, no clamping, friction fit. I can't wait!

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  1. Damn, I wish I was up there helping on this. We get to take these beasts down Grand Canyon in August. They'll be by far the most authentic Powell replicas since Powell went down in 1869. Keep up the great work and listen for the cheering from down here in the soon to be sunny Southwest. (A foot of heavy snow two days ago; forecast for 70° in two more days.)