Friday, March 15, 2013

An IRH Weekend.

Ah slept in this morning, then went to buy some new shoes. Its bad when your toes start poking through your old ones. Finally it was back to the IRH project. I haven't worked on it in a while but i am hoping to get a big push over spring break, boating season is coming soon and i want a wee little drifter to play in.

 Some scrounging around Eden Saw and i walked away with some Purple Heart and Padouk. You got to love the scrap wood pile, you can't get wood this good in Tennessee.
 Cut splines and glued up the transom, I'll need to put alot of UV protection on the wood to keep the colors bright but i think it will look amazing when she is all finished!
 The stem is the next piece, Yellow Cedar. The wood stinks like hell and gives me a bit of an allergic reaction but its strong, rot resistant and great to work with. After lofting it out it was just a matter of bringing it all down to the line.
Hopefully tomorrow i'll get back to the shop and finish up the stem and the transom, then its time to spile for the planking.

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